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Child Eye Examination at Forbes Opticians Based In Hadleigh, Benfleet, Essex

Children's Eye Care In Hadleigh, Essex

At Forbes Opticians we offer eye exam appointments for Childrens Eye Care In Hadleigh, Essex. Having your children’s eyes examined at a young age and regularly thereafter could not be more important!

Children should have their first eye examination with one of our optometrists just before starting infant school or before if you have any concerns about your child’s eyes. Further examinations may then happen six monthly, yearly or even two yearly depending on the individual needs of the child.

We want the examination to be fun and engaging so we do our best to make it into a game that young children enjoy playing with us.

The Eye Examination

We want the examination to be fun and engaging so we do our best to make it into a game that young children enjoy ‘playing’ with us.

As most preschool children do not know their letters we have picture and shape charts for measuring vision and ‘matching’ games for the very young ones.

To see if any spectacle prescription is required our optometrists shine a light into the eyes through different lenses. This allows us to find out if your child is short sighted, long sighted, has astigmatism (rugby ball shaped eyes) or – hopefully – has perfect vision!

With older children we may also show them lenses and ask which are clearer but with younger ones this is generally not necessary.

We also check for squints (eyes that turn in or out), which are a common cause of lazy eyes and poor 3D vision.

Colour vision should also be checked as about one in twenty boys has a colour vision defect and it is helpful to know this early as it can affect performance in some areas of schooling and later with career choice.

Don't wait to check - have your children's eyes examined reguarly

Don’t kid yourself that you will know if your child has an eye problem as you probably will not – and don’t wait for your child to tell you they are struggling as most do not complain. Bring them in and get them checked.

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