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Eye Examination at Forbes Opticians Based In Hadleigh, Benfleet, Essex

Eye Examinations In Hadleigh, Essex

At Forbes Opticians on Hadleigh High Street we offer eye examinations in Hadleigh, Essex for patients across the local area including Hadleigh, Benfleet, Leigh-on-Sea, Thundersley and across Essex.

Each eye examination we perform is tailored to meet your individual needs both visually and with respect to the health of your eyes, so the more we know about you the better.

We suggest an examination every one to two years depending on your age, condition of your eyes and any concerns you might have.

We offer a range of personalised screening and diagnostic investigations.

Perfecting Your Vision

The way you use your eyes and the things that you need to see are individual to you, and your eye examination should reflect this. Tell us about the things that you need to see and especially those that cause you problems and, of course, feel free to bring in examples.

We have a large range of products that allow us to maximise your visual potential and reduce visual stress in situations such as intense computer use, driving in both bright daylight and darkness, and also to help those with low vision due to a range of eye problems.

Protecting Your Health

We know that your eyesight is incredibly precious to you. When you entrust us with the health of your eyes we take that responsibility very seriously indeed. It is important to find out about your health, medications and family history. From this we can predict the type of eye conditions that you are most at risk of and target our investigations in the areas that are most appropriate for you.

We offer a range of personalised screening and diagnostic investigations utilising the latest equipment for individuals at risk of or suffering from conditions such as:

You will find useful information about some of these conditions described within our eye health section.

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